About Us


We at TheProjectExchange.com noticed a sector of the job market that is often overlooked and underrated. TheProjectExchange.com was created by a project manager who desired a way to bridge together an organization’s need for qualified, professional and available individuals who can participate in a project and those individuals seeking employment on a project-by-project basis.

Yes, there are plenty of huge job search engines online, but none of these are devoted to the placement of short-term positions and often have a very limited selection of such positions. You may be asking yourself “Is this a temp agency?” Well to answer your question, yes and no. TheProjectExchange.com is simply here to act as a platform to connect a business with possible employees familiar with the desired project. And vice versa, we want to have a place for a short-term worker to go and be presented with a selection of available projects in their field.

We are simply a conduit for both parties to exchange information regarding any project and the selection process. We are not an employment agency, and thus are not responsible for issues that may arise on behalf of an organizations’ presented project or any resume submitted in response to a project listing via TheProjectExchange.com.

For Businesses

Unlike a traditional temp-agency, TheProjectExchange.com is not looking to charge a steep fee or commission for any job that we place with an individual we deem “qualified.” In fact, we leave all the hiring decisions up to you; we are merely a platform to connect you with individuals interested in your specific project. TheProjectExchange.com feels that nobody can ever know the exact type of individual you are looking for except for yourself and the decision should be yours to make. Simply create an account and then submit your project. Interested individuals will submit a cover letter and resume with any pertinent job-related information directly to you, what happens in the selection process is up to you.

For Individuals

Some websites and agencies seem so interested to place you in a job you may not necessarily be interested or qualified in, setting you up for failure. They do this because they will receive a portion of pay as a “placement fee” and they are looking to make a quick buck off of you. TheProjectExchange.com will not put you in a project you are unable to handle. You will be able to browse and sort submitted projects, and choose those to which you would like to submit your resume to through our Project Portal. All correspondence will be directly with the hiring company, and any questions about the project can be submitted directly to them via their provided contact information in the Project Listing.